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Bill and Bob

Bill and Bob's latest release, Blues Infused Vol 1 is out now!

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About Bill and Bob

Bill grew up on a little farm without musical encouragement from his parents. It was hard even to hear guitar music as radio in Nebraska didn’t play that stuff.


Harmonica Bob grew up in the Western edge of the Mojave Desert in Lancaster, CA. At the age of five, his father gifted him a Marine Band harmonica. 


Bob enjoyed classical music education, playing his beloved trombone in bands and orchestras through elementary, high school and after. 


“I’m still working at it,” he says of harmonica. He also writes, tells stories, paints and makes hats.


While attending the University of Nebraska, Bill player top 40 rock and roll and country music to earn money, but he had friends who were passionate about blues music. He grew to realize the purpose of the blues is to make you feel better. 


At a concert, Bill watched Son House, one of the earliest blues artists recorded, bring a crowd to its feet using a solitary microphone and an old beat-up National Steel guitar. He was hooked. 


A few years ago Bill discovered that there was a venue for original music, not necessarily the stuff one hears on the main radio and TV channels. He went to work writing songs that said what he wanted to say.


Bill was recording at Tin Can Studios one day out in Wonder Valley, but was missing a harmonica player. A friend brought Bob in and they’ve been performing together ever since. 


One earns blues musicianhood by prevailing through challenges that neither Bill nor Bob have shared. Still, aspects of the blues provide the ingredients of their songs. That’s why they use the term Blues Infused to describe their music, and also as a name for backup bands they use. 


Here they are recorded with a great Blues Infused rhythm section. 

Bill Winter & Bob Rowles


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