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Jeffrey Barrett

Paths. Many paths. Leading here. Music, playing in bands throughout the 20’s = mid-80’s into the 90’s - but before too - since 13 and before even that. Lots of music. Schooling- studied film aka got to watch a lot of movies and talk about them. Service too - working with differently abled people - Intense personal work inside and out. Zen. The Buddha. Lots of sitting. Learning over and over again… if you see him on the road…it gets violent, metaphorically. Technology. Calming, solving problems, having fun, playing at business. An ability to laugh at oneself. Marriage, the love of one’s life. Collaboration.  Blessings. Family - running from and towards. Canada. The agreement to borders - so where one is from. Many travels - Asia, Europe. Wonder Valley - another home. Remarkable name - says it all. Many worlds colliding. Intense new friendships. Music born again. Old creative pursuits rekindled. Gratitude. 

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